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Track Hoe Packages

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Track Hoe Waste Handling Package


  • Track Hoe (12T and 18T)
  • Accessories: Pallet Forks, Pipe grapple, Large bucket, Lifting slings
  • Experienced & Qualified Operator
  • Low Profile Shale Bin
  • Vortex High-G Cuttings Dryer with pump and Auger
  • 1- 80m3 Storage Bin(4-sided)
  • 1- 25m Bin (4-sided Under Centrifuge)


  • Wheel loader
  • 2 open high side storage bins
  • Shale sloop and drier
  • Often an extra leasehand.


Fluid Loss

10% reduction in drilling fluid loss

Landfill Reduction

Landfill tonnage has been reduced 15-20% on past projects

Contaminated Ditchwater

Eliminate contaminated ditchwater

Faster & Safer

Faster and Safer loading and unloading of trucks

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